This is a set of methods and skills when combined with any technology, provides improved agility, reliability and auditability.

IT Process Automation (ITPA) and Service Orchestration are becoming increasingly important capabilities.

SICORP provides standardized automation of disparate processes and associated IT systems  to improve QoS, increase capacity, and reduce cost by removing human intervention wherever possible. Almost all IT systems running on run-book- based operations benefit from this. This also serves as a good aspect to improve direct Productivity.

Together with its robust operations methodologies and extensive experience, SICORP enables its clients to achieve overall IT cost reduction by as much as 20%, and offers significant year-on- year productivity improvements. SICORP leverages its partner tool vendors to integrate services into its service management offerings.

Wide array of tools that can be used to create ready interface with all existing loosely- coupled systems, while removing most of the reactive chain of operations and being 100% proactive. This also facilitates less time for developing and building systems than in the traditional approach, and can easily be sustained on its own without human effort and resources.

The steps involved in its implementation are:
  • Capture data: Analysis, Observing actions, event collection and correlation.
  • Process Automation: activating an intelligent rule-based dynamic workflow solution builder.
  • Manage and Control: Automatic execution and real time indicators. Entry and exit criterias, exception mapping and handling etc.



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