Global Service Desk

Executive Summary
Out IT services engagement and delivery methodology is easy to adopt and intuitive. Below is our overall process. Focus of this document is on OnGoing part because by now you have already gone through the Agreement and Setup details.

Generally Covered Areas in Our Day to Day IT Support Services
Managed IT services
1. Provide IT help to support day to day activities of members including but not limited to:
  • Desktop related issues
  • Servers and Application related issues
  • Network related issues
  • New user setup
  • Website and portal maintenance
  • Emails and internet related issues
2. Manage and maintain databases
3. Perform data entry
4. Provide data based reports using Business Intelligence tools
5. Procure all the solutions / software needed (mostly free for non profit organizations)
Managed Project Reporting
1. Provide status reports on all ongoing and planned projects
2. Maintain up to date records of all activities by working through all project members
3 .Provide budgetary and resource requirement reports
Day to Day Support Flow - Client Initiated Using GSD



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