Offshore Delivery Centre

Your Dedicated Delivery Center
Offshore Delivery Center offers you to have an extended and dedicated Team hosted by SICORP and jointly managed by us.

  • CAPABILITY – Access to a large pool of trained professionals with diverse skill sets
  • COST SAVINGS – Flexibility for quick ramp-up & ramp-down
  • BETTER PRICE – India Cost Advantage
  • PRODUCTIVITY & EFFICIENCY – Time Zone Benefits
  • REDUCED TCO – Your Team, Your Office, Your Delivery with no upfront investment

Best Practice - Testing
A best practice is an approach to doing something that gives good results when applied appropriately and thoughtfully

Analytical & Risk-based Test Strategy
1. Up-front analysis of
  • identify risk items
  • Access level of risk (e.g. likelihood & impact)
2. Level of risk determines
  • Extent of test coverage
  • Order of test execution
  • Order of test triage
Test Objectives with Metrics
1. Find important defects
2. Build confident for release
3. Reduce quality risk
4. Metrics
  • Defect Detection Effectiveness
  • Executive Risk based Test reporting
  • Bug Reject Rate
Continuous Test Process Improvement
1. TQM techniques
2. Pareto analysis
3. five-whys
4. Ishikawa diagrams
5. Automation / Regression cycle
6. Environment Data Refresh
7. Knowledge Management
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